Since the age of 8, I have been actively designing various components for my own computer as well as my portable devices. Most of these changes had to do with how my software would work, whether it be quick commands, interactive new gestures, or brand new interfaces. Having lived throughout my life in the US, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the UAE, I observed and learned people's behavior in each locale to better understand the problems people face.  

While at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, I jumped into various projects ranging from creative hacks to start up projects to better understand the problems that people face. While at university, I co-founded ONENIGMA, using this passion to help lead and create highly rated humanizing digital experiences for some of most innovative companies in the world. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a BS in Computer Science and a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction. Entrepreneurship became my entire livelihood, as I was continuously motivated to work on all kinds different concepts across industries that sought to deliver a product that would one day improve people’s lives. This motivation lead ONENIGMA to grow from small projects, to then working for some of the most impactful companies in the world, such as AirBnB, Udacity, Bloom, and Peapod.

I believe that the best software should use the right design language to tell their stories. The best stories should be able to take complex concepts and make them engaging, inviting, and most importantly, universally intuitive. My ultimate goal is to always have a person intuitively understand what to do, without anyone explaining or telling them how to do so. This is what I seek to do in every product and concept I create, with the hope that it will end up helping products to make people’s lives better. As an avid entrepreneur, it is also what leads me to constantly understand and identify new problems that novel products can solve to better impact people’s lives.

Done is better than perfect.
— Sheryl Sandberg